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Xtrutech Privacy Policy GDPR

To whom it may concern

On the 25th May 2018 the new EU legislation referred to as GDPR comes into practice and will be used to protect personal data beyond the rules laid down by the data protection act previously introduced. We are hereby informing you in regards to how we store your personal information and keep it safe.

We hold data such as contact names, email address, telephone numbers site and account addresses, VAT registration numbers, company numbers and bank details. This data is used to trade with you and your company and for correspondence such as in this email. We may use your data to perform credit checks or to see trading history and company registration date. Trading history such as prices and quantity is stored to aid re-quoting and customer service. Our website at saves first name and surname plus email addresses once submitted via the contact us form. The site also uses Google analytics which will store browser + browser language used and the country you are residing in when browsing, which type of device you use whether Desktop Tablet or Mobile, Age and gender (Valid Google account required). This is stored and secured on the Google servers.

You do not need to take any further action, if we do not hear from you we will assume that you are happy to continue your correspondence with us and to hold your details. We will use this data to contact you when necessary. We store this data for only as long as necessary for the purposes of our current trading and when no longer required it will be deleted.

The data is stored securely and is securely backed up and stored. This system is firewalled and protected against malicious threats. xtrutech will never sell your data or transmit to other parties unless required to do so by law or to fulfil your request to complete an order or producing a quote at your request. A data Protection controller has been appointed to maintain this high standard.

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