Food Extrusion

Here at Xtrutech we have the experience and the understanding to provide screw elements, barrels and more to companies working in the food production industry. For any quotes, enquiries or questions use our contact page and get in touch!

Use the links below to search for our products and services available to the food industry, whether it's a new extruder, a new screw element or a gearbox refurbishment! Or give us a call on +44 (0) 1782 621122

Twin Screw Extruders for Lab and R&D:

  • The range includes 10mm & 19mm high torque units that are ideal for smaller samples of 100 grams, while the XTS24 and XTS35 R&D lines are floor mounted, very compact, and ideal for scale-up to production

Bespoke Ancillaries for Lab and R&D:

  • Including a water-cooled strand pelletiser line, a dry-face cut pelletiser, sheet and profile extrusion, calibration units, chill rolls, film extrusion, in-line lamination and thin film coating dies, cooling tunnels, caterpillar haul-offs, and coiler units

Screw Elements and Shafts:

  • Fully compatible with original parts
  • Screws available for all machine sizes and most OEMs
  • Components dimensionally precise for shaft fit and process effect
  • Advice available on screw design
  • Wide range of solutions to combat wear or corrosion problems
  • Reduce Screw Element wear rates by optimising your screw profile

Barrel Liners:

  • Worn feed section liners will reduce extruder outputs
  • Worn mixing / melt zone liners will reduce product quality
  • Reduce barrel wear rates through process optimisation
  • Don’t forget to replace your discharge adaptors and chill knife
  • Barrel housings for vents 

Process Optimisation:

  • Low output limits
  • Feeding or intake limits
  • Reprocessing of fines
  • Poor dispersion
  • Gel bits or pin holes
  • Discharge problems


  • Refurbish to save cost of new extruder
  • Upgrade options available during refurbishment
  • Take advantage of new extruder designs without high cost of new capital investment
  • Increase reliability of older equipment
  • Obtain processing performance improvements by extending barrel length

Service and Machine Inspections:

  • Gearbox inspection
  • End float/backlash on input and output shafts
  • Checking operation and performance of oil lubrication
  • Agitator shaft coupling and gland packing
  • Torque coupling check (where necessary)
  • Main motor condition and operation
  • Barrel temperature control including heating and cooling
  • Machine safety and operation interlocks
  • Control panel controls and indicators
  • Operation and control main D/C drive
  • Barrel bolts and helicoils condition
  • Agitator elements measured and liner inspection
  • Wear inspection
  • Acid flushes