Powder Coatings

Xtrutech's diverse and complex understanding of the powder coatings industry allows for flexibility, accessibility and a willingness to solve all customers’ needs.

Here at Xtrutech we specialise in Twin Screw Extruders for the Powder Coatings industry. The XTS range, specially designed here at Xtrutech, has been created based on in-depth, intimate knowledge built up through years in the Powder Coating and Thermoplastic Compounding industry.

By using Xtrutech, you know you have a superior partner to assist and offer solutions to all your powder coating and compounding needs. As a pioneer of the retro-fit opening clamshell barrel, Xtrutech continues to break the boundaries, not only in their design and creation of extruders, but also in customising their skills to support each individual customer personally. Here at Xtrutech we understand that each company and customer is unique and their needs will be distinct from the next. We relish in our ability to offer the best solution with the best service possible.

Although we specialise in designing and building Twin Screw Extruders, we understand that extruders have to withstand high pressures in which to optimise the machine. This then helps to increase outputs and profits. However this means the extruder is subject to higher abrasive wear. As a company we have accumulated our experience and knowledge to provide the best replacement parts to keep your machine running at its best. Additionally, we have a number of applications to help sustain the life-cycle of your twin-screw extruder whilst allowing it to run at the highest productivity possible. 

So why Xtrutech for your powder coating needs?

  • We put Service first 
  • We have a flexible approach and a willingness to work with customers to solve their problems
  • Our reputation is built on first class Customer Service
  • We offer more than other spare parts suppliers
  • We offer more than an OEM supplier
  • We don’t treat customers as a number
  • You can’t get what we offer anywhere else
  • We never walk away from a problem

 If you have any questions about our new range of extruders click here, or send us a message on the contact us page! OR call us on +44 (0) 1782 621122


Screw Elements and Shafts: 

  • Fully compatible with original parts
  • Screws available for all machine sizes and most OEMs
  • Components dimensionally precise for shaft fit and process effect
  • Advice available on screw design
  • Wide range of solutions to combat wear or corrosion problems
  • Reduce Screw Element wear rates by optimising your screw profile

Barrel Liners:

  • Worn feed section liners will reduce extruder outputs
  • Worn mixing / melt zone liners will reduce product quality
  • Reduce barrel wear rates through process optimisation
  • Don’t forget to replace your discharge adaptors and chill knife

Process Optimisation: 

  • Low output limits
  • Feeding or intake limits
  • Reprocessing of fines
  • Poor dispersion
  • Gel bits or pin holes
  • Discharge problems


  • Refurbish to save cost of new extruder
  • Upgrade options available during refurbishment
  • Take advantage of new extruder designs without high cost of new capital investment
  • Increase reliability of older equipment
  • Obtain processing performance improvements by extending barrel length

Service and Machine Inspections: 

  • Gearbox inspection
  • End float/backlash on input and output shafts
  • Checking operation and performance of oil lubrication
  • Agitator shaft coupling and gland packing
  • Torque coupling check (where necessary)
  • Main motor condition and operation
  • Barrel temperature control including heating and cooling
  • Machine safety and operation interlocks
  • Control panel controls and indicators
  • Operation and control main D/C drive
  • Barrel bolts and helicoils condition
  • Agitator elements measured and liner inspection
  • Wear inspection
  • Acid flushes