Process Support

08 Jul 2015

With over 50 years experience in the powder coatings industry, Xtrutech’s team of dedicated engineers have the experience and knowledge to support all powder coating applications.

Side Feeding or top feeding?

11 Feb 2015

Side Feeding or top feeding options are available on all XTS machines however the highest and most efficient outputs can be achieved on most formulations or premixes using the side feeding option particularly during the recycling of fines or feeding of low bulk density formulations.

Retrofit Clamshell Barrel for Twin Screw Extruders

05 Feb 2015

The Xtrutech retrofit clamshell barrel has been designed to replace older worn out barrels and includes a range of high wear resistant liner materials that will give the extruder user improved performance, productivity and profits. Here are some of the benefits of investing in an Xtrutech extuder featuring a clamshell barrel as standard

Wear Issues in Powder Coating Extruders

12 Jan 2015

The Forth Rail Bridge is the oldest major steel bridge. Famed in the coatings industry for its 100 year continuous painting programme, it now benefits from a state of the art coating with a life predicted to exceed 20 years. Just as it is no surprise to anybody that exterior coatings weather, and need replacing: should anybody be surprised that extruders screw and barrel components used in the production of powder coating become worn?