Side Feeding or top feeding?

11 Feb 2015

Side Feeding or top feeding options are available on all XTS machines however the highest and most efficient outputs can be achieved on most formulations or premixes using the side feeding option particularly during the recycling of fines or feeding of low bulk density formulations.

Side/top feeding extruder

Top Feeding

Top Feeding is a traditional option used successfully by most powder coating producers.

The feeder is located on a support framework over the extruder gearbox and is connected to the feed port via a sealed tube. Depending on the size of extruder the height between the feeder outlet and the extruder feed port (a) will create an issue of aeration of the premix which in term limits the efficiency or intake capacity of the extruder due to the large amount of entrapped air.

Xtrutech have a specially designed rectangular feed port coupled with new high intake self-wiping feed screws help improve the intake of previously difficult to feed low bulk density powders, making the barrel more efficient and improves performance in terms of output. 

Side Feeding

The side feeder has been designed to pull away from the extruder barrel on rails then turned through 90° on its own framework which is fixed to the main base on a swivel arrangement. This unique access allows for quick and easy cleaning / maintenance.

Controls are designed to prevent overloading of both the extruder screws and side feeder and are installed in the main panel. Feeder also swivels out of position to empty and for cleaning & maintenance, leaving good access to barrel area