Process Support

08 Jul 2015

With over 50 years experience in the powder coatings industry, Xtrutech’s team of dedicated engineers have the experience and knowledge to support all powder coating applications.


This begins with a dedicated discussion of the project as an initial idea including all specifications, to commissioning, design, process optimisation and then ongoing support after the machine has been dispatched.

Our dedicated team of engineers is available for visits to site, trials of different product types, gearbox and screw and barrel inspections and ongoing support throughout the use of the extruder.



Over the lifespan of the extruder, Xtrutech’s process support provides:

Process Refinement

Superior mixing, screw configurations and cooling profiles

Enhanced quality end-product

Process Troubleshooting

Refined processes for optimized running

Adaptation and upgrading of existing equipment

Identify sources of cratering and pinholes

Cut product hot spots during process

Maintenance Advice

Longer lifespan through reduced wear

Lower running costs

Increased throughput and reliability


If you do have any enquires about our machines or services or would like a quote, please contact on +44 (0) 1782 621122 or email