Barrels, Housings & Liners

Here at Xtrutech we have solutions for all your barrel enquiries. Using our specialist knowledge, gained over many years of designing and manufacturing twin screw extruders with a number of major OEM's, as well as working closely with our valued customers, we can offer advice and engineering solutions to your wear or corrosive problems on any Coperion / W&P, Leistritz, Berstorff, Theysohn, Prism, APV / Baker Perkins, Maris and Clextral equipment.

Barrels, barrel liners and barrel housings are subject to high stresses operating in a potentially high wear and / or corrosive environment and these parts are pivotal to the optimisation of the extruder. Here at Xtrutech we have taken this information into account and used it to create high wear and / or corrosive resistant products to reduce downtime and to increase the productivity of the extruder as a whole. Although Xtrutech specialises in a retro-fit clamshell barrel,

 barrel types include:

  • Feed barrels
  • Closed barrels 
  • Venting barrels
  • Side-feed barrels
  • Combi barrels
  • Ports for thermocouples 
  • Ports for injection
  • Plugs 
  • Degassing adaptors
  • Single screw and twin screw vent port stuffers



Whilst Xtrutech specialises in designing and building twin screw extruders operating in the powder coatings industry we also provide services for extruders operating in the industries of food production, medical plastics and pharmaceuticals among others. This includes screw elements and shafts, refurbishments and process optimisation of most major makes of twin screw extruders. We offer a wide range of services so pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions or enquiries that we can help you with. Alternatively visit the contact us page and we will get right back to you.