Retrofit Clamshell Barrel

The Xtrutech retrofit clam shell barrel has been designed to replace older worn out barrels and includes a range of high wear resistant liner materials that will give the Extruder user improved performance, productivity and profits

The clamshell barrel with low-cost insert liners has since become more widely used by companies who manufacture not only powder coatings or thermoplastics but also food products such as snack foods and pet food that are very abrasive and potentially corrosive. Xtrutech are now promoting the system for all makes of co-rotating twin-screw extruders. The new system can be easily adapted to existing machinery, giving it a new lease of life at only a fraction of the cost of totally replacing the machine. It offers major savings to high wear processes and is itself a more robust and maintenance free solution than the original suppliers barrel design. Users in the powder coatings, thermoplastics and even food industries can now take advantage of this new barrel.

Improved performance

  • The new barrel has been designed with single-piece backing blocks that eliminate cracked barrel parts that are common on older APV / Baker Perkins extruders
  • A varying number of clamping bolts save barrel opening times and offer quick access to the screws when cleaning or during maintenance
  • The backing blocks carry insert type liners that are much smaller in size than the original OEM liners. This means Xtrutech are able to use harder wearing or more corrosive resistant premium materials that maximise performance against cost
  • The backing blocks also house the highly efficient water cooling circuit in the form of a new insert that has 2.5 times the cooling capacity of any other extruder of the same size. As the water channels become blocked by calcium build up the new style insert can be changed or cleaned out easily in situ. 

Low maintenance

  • On the XTS range of Powder Coating extruders, Xtrutech have incorporated the stuffing box into the barrel, which opens with the top barrel half to expose the shafts. This makes their removal that much easier and simpler
  • The traditional gland packing and followers have been replaced with oil impregnated split brushes that prevent fine powders, from the feed material, creating a mess in the shaft coupling area and eliminate the need for maintenance
  • A specially designed feed port coupled with new high intake feed screws helps improve the intake of previously difficult to feed bulky powders making the new barrel more efficient and improves performance in terms of output

Versatile design

  • The barrel can be extended up to 42 L/D to give more mixing or residence time
  • It will fit almost any APV / Baker Perkins or B&P powder coating extruders from 40mm up to 125mm
  • The “half” clamshell design will also fit an older W&P or OMC with a fixed or solid barrel style
  • We use a range of high wear resistant materials from through hardened D2 or K110 to M333 and M390 for food applications to very high wear resistant Vanadium PM steels plus other more special powder metallurgy HIP’d materials

 Ongoing savings

  • Any future liner changes would incorporate the insert style liners that are approximately 30% lower cost to replace than the original OEM style liners.

It is important to stress that the customer can easily fit replacement insert liners in a very short time as there is no more optical alignment necessary. All the improvements from the Xtrutech cost effective retrofit barrel really do offer the customer improved performance, productivity and profits. If you would like a quote, or would like to discuss the benefits of Xtrutech's retrofit clamshell barrel in more detail use our contact form. 

Available to fit machines manufactured by: 

  • APV / Baker Perkins
  • B&P
  • Buhler
  • Century
  • Coperion / W&P
  • OMC