Gearbox repair

Whether the gearbox is damaged or worn out the key element of Xtrutech's support is an inspection.

A detailed inspection will be fulfilled by one of our dedicated engineers. Following this inspection and evaluation of the condition the gearbox is in, a report is produced which includes a quotation itemising the work that is required. This inspection can be carried out on site, or alternatively the gearbox can be shipped to Xtrutech. 

Only on acceptance is any further cost incurred. It is our standard practice to provide fresh bearings and seals no matter what other parts have been replaced; that’s just the Xtrutech way!

After reconditioning, it is recommended that the gearbox be professionally refitted by an Xtrutech service engineer, to include verification of the alignment of the input and output shafts, and a check made of the calibration and condition of the torque limiter coupling.

Support provided for a range of gearbox manufacturers including:

  • David Brown
  • Hygate
  • Flender
  • Eisenbeiss
  • PIV

Key Points:

  • Provision of inspection report with itemised requirements for reconditioning
  • Gearbox rebuilt with new seals and bearing as standard
  • Service engineers provide professional refitting service
  • Checks of extruder failsafe devices made after refitting