Shaft upgrade solutions 

Xtrutech offer up-grade solutions to convert round shafts to hexagon or splined shafts 

Additionally we can either upgrade from the gearbox output shaft or simply modify the shaft couplings. Talk to our experts to determine the most cost effective way of upgrading your shafts to give improved reliability and performance. 

  • We can replace and transform your round, keyed shafts to hex or bi-hex or even splined depending on your processing needs
  • Materials of construction coupled with heat treatments and spline design will improve the reliability of your extruder
  • All shafts produced by Xtrutech are made from the highest performance steel available using trusted manufacturing technology and heat treatments to allow you to get the most from your extruder
  • Hexagon shafts machined from ground round bar are far less prone to fatigue failures than original OEM shafts
  • Reduce shaft breakages by servicing your torque limiter coupling
  • Change to higher strength solid shafts if you are not using the water cooling as this can reduce shaft breakages
  • Round to hexagon / splined shaft conversions are stronger, more reliable and can save time when removing screw elements


 Shaft splines