Twin Screw Extruders

Xtrutech specialise in the design & process optimisation of Twin Screw Extruders for the powder coating, plastics & pharmaceutical industries

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The XTS range of Twin Screw Extruders for powder coatings, has been developed by Xtrutech based on their intimate knowledge and experience of designing, building and running twin screw extruders for the Powder Coating and Thermoplastic Compounding industries.

Xtrutech have assimilated the high free volume clamshell geometry from the APV “MP – PC” machine coupled with the robustness and reliability of the W&P, ZSK series and made some improvements of their own to produce the optimum machine for processing powder coatings in the most efficient and economical way.

New improvements on the clamshell barrel have contributed to a decrease in down-time cleaning times. This is partly through the inclusion of a pneumatic gun, which aids in the removal and tightening of a reduced number of barrel bolts to speed up the opening of the clamshell barrel. 

Xtrutech have worked to improve feeding inefficiencies caused by air entrainment within the premixed raw materials. This is through a combination of a change in the position of the feeder, the introduction of a water cooled rectangular feed port and special self-wiping high intake screw profiles. These increase feed intake by over 30% and allow for the feeding of fines. 


   High Intake Feed Port                            


The XTS 18 L/D is perfect for your existing, new and future formulations and will process all formulations which are currently run on older APV or W&P, OMC, and Buss extruders with low screw speeds up to 500rpm and 15L/D processing length including Functional Pipe Coatings, Re-bar, CAB Textured, TGIC formulations and even 100% fines! The 24 L/D barrel is for clear coats and high gloss formulations where a higher output is required


Original high free Volume 1.8D/d (as recently adopted by Coperion in the late 90’s)

Clamshell Barrel with a split stuffing box- You can keep it closed or you can open it when you need to! 

You can’t open an extruder barrel safely and efficiently to remove a blockage unless it has a clamshell!

  • Top and bottom barrel halves open independently to aid the replacement of screw shafts!
  • Good access to shaft couplings for quick easy change of shafts
  • Easily replaceable liners and screws in a range of materials of construction to optimise wear resistance
  • Xtrutech has developed a unique water cooling insert that can be cleaned out or changed when replacing barrel liners
  • Xtrutech insert style cooling blocks which have water channels with 2.5 times greater cooling capacity per zone than any other extruder and they are in direct contact with the liner!

Water Cooled AC Motors:

  • No cooling fan!
  • Low noise!
  • No dust!
  • Water cooling from Extruder!
  • Smaller frame size!
  • Highly efficient!
  • Low Maintenance!
  • No brushes or powder interference!
  • Siemens S7 1200 PLC
  • HMI Touch Screen Control
  • Optional data logging

The XTS range has many unique features to improve production and has over 50% more installed power than the equivalent APV /Baker Perkins Extruder and 10% more free volume than the equivalent Coperion ZSK MV+

 Xtrutech offers you:

  • We put Service first 
  • We have a flexible approach and a willingness to work with customers to solve their problems
  • We don’t treat customers as a number
  • We offer more than all other extruder suppliers
  • We offer more than other spare parts suppliers
  • Our reputation is built on first class Customer Service
  • You can’t get what we offer anywhere else
  • We never walk away from a problem
  • A complete package – Feeder – Twin Screw Extruder – Drum Cooler or Cooling Conveyer

Specifications for Xtrutech's XTS Range of Twin Screw Extruders 




Whilst Xtrutech specialises in designing and building twin screw extruders operating in the powder coatings industry we also provide services for extruders operating in the industries of food production, medical plastics and pharmaceuticals among others. This includes screw elements and shafts, refurbishments and process optimisation of most major makes of twin screw extruders. We offer a wide range of services so pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions or enquiries that we can help you with. Alternatively visit the contact us page and we will get right back to you.