Drum Coolers and Conveyers

Drum cooler

Xtrutech Drum Cooler: to match the outputs from our XTS Twin Screw Extruders

Size 1: Bench top for lab samples

Size 2: R&D and / or small batch production up to 120 KGs/hr 

Size 3: Small batch production up to 350 Kgs/hr

Size 4: up to 600 Kgs/hr

Mini breaker flaker unit


  • Rapid cooling of thermosetting product
  • Product spread evenly over drum width to improve product cooling efficiency
  • Energy efficient cooling with reduced water usage and reduced air moisture in contact with end product
  • Option for fan assisted air conditioned cooling over conveyer
  • Compact design / reduce length
  • Mini breaker / flaker unit as standard
  • Low cost / easy to change synthetic endless belt
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced moisture content in end product 

Xtrutech Steel Belt Cooling Conveyers: to match the outputs from our XTS Twin Screw Extruders

XTS 44: Up to 800 Kgs/hr

XTS 56: Up to 1,600 Kgs/hr



  • Berndorf Stainless Steel Belt
  • Large diameter chill roll with disruptive water flow to maximise cooling
  • Nip roll with disruptive water flow 
  • Secondary cooling roll on belt to improve cooling across the width of the extrudate
  • Mini breaker / flaker unit as standard
  • All stainless steel frame
  • Local control panel included
  • Moving device included
  • All safety interlocks included for a seamless integration with the XTS extruder
  • Manufactured in the UK